Show Your World – Hawaii

While moving 18 times in the course of our 26 year marriage wasn’t exactly “fun”, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. One of our absolute favorite places we lived is Hawaii. Having lived on the island of Oahu longer than at any other location, it really came to feel like home.


northshore blue

We adopted our middle child during our time living there, so I guess I could honestly say our family is Hawaiian (her tan is just way better than mine!). I remember arriving at the airport the first time and being greeted with the heavy perfume of flowers in the air. The sweetness of that smell was so comforting and calming. My time spent living by the ocean turned me into an avid water lover and my heart literally aches with how much I miss the degrees of blue, green and turquoise that can be found in various places around the islands.

Beach fish haunama bay

Whether strolling on the beach, driving the perimeter of the island, or shopping downtown in Honolulu, the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed and “Shaka” permeates everyday living. Living casual with an easy-going attitude is the way to go. The car was always packed with towels and swim suits and ready for an impromptu day on the waves or a quick snorkel in one of the bays.

perspective shark snorkle snorkle2


The many cultures that have converged on the islands bring an offering of some of the most outstanding food choices. There are local choices such as Kalua pork, lomi lomi, poi and my daughters favorite spam musubi and staples from China, Korea, Japan and the Philippines such as manapua, malasadas, sushi, and bento. Hawaii is definitely a place that is pleasing to all of the senses; smell, sight, sound and taste and will always have a bit of my heart.



Many thanks to TinyExpats for the blog idea!