Stay on the Train


Wow!  Can you even imagine? Imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps for aiding many Jews in escaping the Holocaust (some estimates say she was part of saving the lives of over 800 people), Corrie ten Boom never wavered in her faith and trust in God.

Surviving her time in the camps, Corrie went on after the war to set up rehabilitation centers and refuge housing for concentration-camp survivors.  So after surviving such an horrific ordeal herself, she still continued to reach out and help others.  How many of us would do that?  She didn’t cower in fear and she didn’t sit around and feel sorry for herself.  She got back up and got back to work doing what she was called to do.

Her story is an inspiration to me showing that even through the most horrible circumstances, good people are still there, and God will always be an unwavering constant.  I’ve just got to stay on the train and keep trusting.

My first post for Writer’s Quote Wednesday.  What a great idea!

4 thoughts on “Stay on the Train

  1. I read this book to my girls a few years ago. It is absolutely one of our favorites! Really puts life into perspective when you here a story like this. If only everyone could be as gracious as Corrie was.


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